We are gearing up for Tomato U! 

Are you Dreaming of your Spring Garden? Can you envision all those Luscious Tomatoes? Clearly you are here…because you are intrigued by the idea of continuing your Tomato Education…


Tomatomania producer Scott Daigre teams up with Nysha Dahlgren of Ardenwoods Edibles to offer three 90 minute educational Classes, available via computer or telephone.  The duo has designed a root to fruit tomato education experience that includes exciting Bonus Prizes!

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Class One: Varieties. Specifics. Strategy. Plus BONUS Q & A with Scott.
Class Two:  How to’s. Location. Soil.  Plus BONUS Q & A with Scott.
Class Three:  Tomato Growing Wrap Up,  Nutritional Highlight and Last Burning Q & A’s!


Whether you are a Novice, Intermediate or Master Gardener, we all have something to learn…Read On!


All Classes are taught by Scott Daigre, producer of Tomatomania!, The world’s largest (and most fun) tomato seedling sale. He hosts over 15 Spring events throughout California and the East Coast.  Learn more about this exciting tradition and its offerings at Tomatomania.com!  Scott is also the owner of Powerplant Garden Design based in Ojai, California.  A dedicated home gardener, Scott shares his love of digging in the dirt through event appearances, speaking engagements, books, and videos that offer tools and tips for amateur and veteran gardeners alike.


A teleseminar (sometimes known as a webcast) allows all of us to be linked together (LIVE) via the phone or internet (your choice), once a week, for “Class”.  This means our Professor (Scott)….will hold class, answer questions and provide some goodies–(Could be a free give-away, discounts at a Tomato Event, book giveaway, e-book or some other surprise) Each week you will receive a reminder email telling you the number and special code to type in to connect to our class. We will also have a live window on the web through our hosting software, where you can type your questions in to Scott or Nysha. Class attendees will be to be able to raise their hand on the phone to ask questions, and get direct contact to each of us!  You will receive a private phone number a day before the class. This will be your own private number and code–that is generated just for you. The day of the class you can jump on the call a few minutes before 6:00 pm (PST) and listen in. All classes are generally an hour and half, but with Q and A we may run a bit over.

Nysha Dahlgren, our Moderator of each class,  brings 15 years of experience from the design world. Having worked in themed entertainment for all those years (Universal Studios Japan, Walt Disney Imagineering) she started her life long dream of a small independent Design Firm and Organic Culinary Nursery, ardenwoods edibles in 2009. Teaching people about how to grow their own food and the mysteries of todays food world are her passions. She is enrolled in Holistic Nutrition School and is actively seeing clients and coaching them through their concerns.  She lives at her home with her Amazing Husband, her Beautiful Daughter and a Rowdy Jack Russell Terrier and a 8000 sq ft Nursery of Love!
After this class you will be a full-fledged Tomatomaniac! Promise!

But….I can’t be on every call once a week! I am busy!

Don’t worry….Each class will be recorded from start to finish, including the Q and A at the end (so you do not miss anything juicy!). You can listen again and again at your leisure.  We encourage you to listen to the recordings when you are at the gym, going on a walk, or if you are stuck in a commuter traffic…get educated as you beep and creep!

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We are offering you a 100% Risk Free Guarantee—If you did not get what you want out of the First Teleseminar…we will refund your money for all your Classes! No Lies!


Buy Now - Button PinkWant to DIG IN a bit early?  Order Scott’s Book Today…”Tomatomania! Your Guide to Perfect Home Grown Tomatoes”.  This 75 page softcover book offers a gorgeous array of photos and nice accouterment to the class. $15.00 (includes all shipping and handling to anywhere in the U.S.) Our VIP Package includes the book and all classes. (See below)


Please don’t miss out on this Amazing Experience. It’s a groundbreaking seminar using all the fun of technology but with the warmth of talking to a friend on the phone…

P.S. We really look forward to seeing YOU. We really do!

  • Expert Scott Daigre to get your Spring Garden Up, Running and Producing Tomatoes!
  • Q and A Session with Scott and Nysha each week.
  • Bonus Goodies..Books, E-Books, Free Gift Certificates for cool stuff.
  • Recorded Classes so that you can Listen in Live and have a Re-Listen.
  • Money back guarantee after first class
  • Dedicated Facebook Chat room for all who are enrolled!
  • Nutritional Tips and delightful tomato recipes from our Private Pantry!
  • Early Sign up Special
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Tomatomaniac Special Pricing!

All Three Tomato U! Teleseminar Classes–Plus the chance to win goodies each week! Prizes are Fun! $115.00 
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VIP Package…All Teleseminar Classes,  Scott’s Book, Plus a chance to win goodies each week! $125.00
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